Uffizi Gallery opens virtual exhibition on Saint John the Baptist

Source: Rome Reports

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence has on its website a beautiful virtual exhibition of pieces related to Saint John the Baptist. It’s an exciting journey through the iconography of this patron saint of Florence.

The great Raphael portrayed him as a hermit boy, a painting with an intense gaze.

This portrait is from the same period, and Dosso Dossi dressed him in red, the color of martyrdom. In the background, the Baptism of Jesus is presented in a very original way.

Filippo Lippi painted it following a vision of Saint Brígid, which shows St. John the Baptist visiting Jesus in the crib in Bethlehem. In the background, the trees cut down by the roots recall Saint John’s call to conversion.

Agnolo Bronzino however painted the scene in this more tender way.

The collection includes this painting by Andrea del Verrocchio, with additions by his disciple, Leonardo da Vinci.

The virtual gallery includes Byzantine works, reminiscent of martyrdom by beheading.

More classical artists like Alonso Berruguete have also demonstrated this way of death.

Along with sculptors like Vincenzo Consani, who made this sculpture in 1842.

The exhibit is called “The Saint Who Baptized Christ.” It is an exciting virtual tour made with high-quality photographs.


Javier Martínez-Brocal

 Translation: Melissa Butz